Summer Course German as a Foreign Language – terms of payment

WiPDaF e.V. General Terms and Conditions

Registration and Payment

Course registration can be done in person or in written form (e-mail or letter). Registration is guaranteed only if the course fee is transferred to the WiPDaF account

Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
Address: Weseler Str. 230, D – 48151 Münster
IBAN: DE47 4005 0150 0000 3794 53

no later than 14 days before the start of the course; if this deadline is missed, WiPDaF cannot guarantee a place. In case of cash payments, WiPDaF will issue a receipt to the participant; if the money is transferred, the participant will get a confirmation for payment received via e-mail. The contract becomes binding with your personal registration, payment of course fees, and the confirmation from WiPDaF. The invoice includes course fees and processing fees.

Until one month before the start of a course, the rent must be paid into the WiPDaF account; room reservations will be done after the rent has been paid. Afterwards, the rent cannot be refunded any more.

If you transfer money from abroad, please make sure that the amount transferred covers all additional costs, e.g. bank and other processing fees. If the amount you pay should be insufficient because of these fees, you have to pay the outstanding amount after your arrival at the WiPDaF office.

If, for any reason, a teacher is unable to conduct lessons, these will be held at a later date or a substitute teacher will take over.

In case there is an unsufficient number of participants for a course, WiPDaF reserves the right to postpone the beginning of a course or reduce the number of lessons in relation to the number of participants. If a postponement for this reason makes your attendance impossible, WiPDaF will refund all course and processing fees accrued.

In exceptional cases the maximal number of participants of a course group can be exceeded by 1 or 2 people. For organisational reasons, course venues and times are subject to change until shortly before the course begins.

Cancellations and Refunds

Until 14 days before the start, a course can be postponed twice without incurring any additional cost. If the course fees differ between the course dates, participants have to pay the difference before the course begins. In case of cancellations, the course fee minus a processing fee of EUR 30 will be refunded if a cancellation in written form (e-mail or letter) reaches WiPDaF no later than 14 days before the start of the course. The cancellation will be valid on the arrival of the cancellation letter or e-mail.

After the expiration of the 14-day cancellation deadline and up to 2 days before the beginning of a course, 50% of the course fee and the full processing fee has to be paid.

If a participant cancels the course only one day before the start, there is no possibility of postponing the course and the participant is obliged to pay the full course fee and processing fee. In such cases refunding is impossible.

If a participant does not attend a course they are registered for, the full course fee and processing fee will still have to be paid. These terms do not apply if the participant exercises the statutory right of revocation.

Classes missed due to own negligence cannot be refunded.

If you need a visa for Germany, WiPDaF will confirm your language course registration. However, this confirmation will only be issued after the course has been paid in full.

If the visa for the WiPDaF courses has already been granted, course fees incurred during the period of validity cannot be refunded. If the visa application is rejected, the course fees will be refunded according to the terms and conditions given above. For this, we will need a letter of rejection from the embassy.

Any bank fees incurred because of reverse transfers must be paid by the participant.

WiPDaF accepts liability only for damages in cases of intent or gross negligence. Liability for simple negligence is only accepted for damages to life, body, or health, and because of breach of a contractual obligation (cardinal obligation). In case of a breach of cardinal obligations due to negligence, liability is limited to contractually typical and foreseeable damages. Damages caused by another participant fall within the responsibility of that participant, not WiPDaF’s. We recommend taking out health insurance and private liability insurance. WiPDaF does not accept liability for damages or contractual failures due to force majeure or caused by third parties.

Neither WiPDaF nor the host families accept any supervisory duties or due diligence obligations. WiPDaF does not accept liability for any damages incurred during interactions between the host family and a participant.

All personal data obtained from a participant is treated in compliance with all relevant data protection regulations

In special cases, WiPDaF and a participant can agree on specific, individual terms and conditions differing from the General Terms and Conditions given here.

If any provisions of this contract should be or become invalid, the validity of the contract as a whole is not otherwise affected. In such a case, the contractual parties will agree on a valid provision to replace the invalid one, a provision that will be as close as possible in economic terms to the original provision. The same applies if any provision should turn out to be incomplete.

Personal data of the course participants will be treated confidentially and in accordance with all statutory data protection regulations and WiPDaF’s data protection statement. By accepting the general terms and conditions, you automatically agree to this data protection statement.

Place of jurisdiction is Münster/Westfalen (Germany).

Note: This translation is meant to aid participants in understanding WiPDaF’s terms and conditions. Although it is faithful and complete, it is not legally binding in any way. Only the original German text can be used as a basis for any business transactions.