Welcome to WiPDaF! Learn German, see Münster, get to know the country and its people!

The goal of WiPDaF is to teach German to participants with an academic background and to contribute to international and interdisciplinary cooperation … ... learn more »

Our language courses are specifically designed for students and academics ... read more »

Courses Overview

Intensive course German

Our intensive course German is designed for foreign students and academics … more


Evening courses German

The evening classes are aimed at participants with a good knowledge of German (B1 – C1) who would like to brush up and practice their German twice a week in the evening. The time (18:00 – 19:30) makes the classes particularly convenient for those people whose job obligations would make it difficult for them to attend one of the intensive courses.


International Summer Course

The three-week intensive course in German language and culture at the Language Centre of the Westfalian Wilhelms-University Münster … more


Integration courses

Our integration courses are part of the implementation of the Zuwanderergesetz (Federal Immigration Law). They are aimed at motivated learners … more


WiPDaF offers …

1. a fast and practice-oriented acquisition of language proficiency and cultural knowledge
2. intensive training of all four skills
3. lessons held by competent and experienced teachers
4. specially designed teaching materials
5. specific training of working and learning strategies


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