We provide support

1. Observing German lessons

Future teachers of German as a Foreign Language from the University of Münster are invited to observe our lessons or get some practical teaching experience. Please contact us no later than one week before you would like to observe a lesson by phone or by e-mail: rita.lakatos@wipdaf.de

2. Practical teaching experience

Every year in August, during the international university summer courses, we offer a practical work placement that includes the following tasks:

  • working with and giving assistance to the participants of the international university summer courses for (a) German Language and Culture and (b) the special languages of Law, Medicine, and Economics;
  • assisting with the organization and management of the leisure-time activities and excursions/trips during the university summer courses;
  • wrapping up the event, above all archival storage of all data and materials
  • possibly attending and/or observing lessons and, if applicable, teaching own lessons

How to apply
If you are interested, please send your application (with CV and short letter of motivation) to WiPDaF, Urbanstraße 7, 48143 Münster, or mail it to rita.lakatos@wipdaf.de