German for Medical Practitioners

Target group:

This special language course is aimed at students of medicine, medical practitioners in training, and practicing doctors who are considering working in Germany and would like to improve their knowledge of German as well as become familiar the German health system.

This is what you can expect from the course:

  • Expert presentations regarding medical topics of high practical relevance
  • intensive special language training (practicing special medical terminology and patients’ language in the fields of anatomy and physical afflictions, case histories and examinations, preparing medical documentation)
  • an extensive additional programme that will allow you to get to know the German health system (for example, visiting a hospital, the Public Health Office, or a health insurance provider).


  • all participants must have a German language proficiency level of B2 or higher
  • minimum number of participants is 10

Requirements for a certificate worth 5 ECTS points

  • regular attendance and active participation in class
  • passing a final test

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